Individual Members

  • Bernard Alphonso

    Phone: (855) 12 985 050

    Bernard Alphonso is the creator of Optimal Performance Consulting, a freelance consultancy. As a business consultant, Bernard is a leading cross-cultural business communication trainer, coach and consultant. He has gained a global experience for nearly 40 years with a focus on luxury goods markets and Asia where he has been living and working, as an expatriate, for over 20 years. 

    He specializes in Asian cultures. Bernard provides culture-general or culture-specific group training and expatriate relocation training to executives and their families moving into Cambodia and Southeast Asia. Bernard also offers repatriation and international negotiation training. He also acts as an executive coach in strictest confidentiality and trains young Cambodians on professional development

  • Chris Wray

    Phone: (855) 963 271 408

    Chris Wray is the Founder and CEO of Digital Rain Cambodia, an online consultancy, web-development and social outsourcing partner; developing softwear and online solutions for both local and international businesses while building the capacity of local Cambodian staff.

    Chris has been involved in mobile, online and technology business solutions in the USA, UK, Europe and the ASEAN region for more than 25 years. He is currently involved in several projects creating IT and online strategies and helping businesses use IT to support their business objectives. In addition, Chris teaches several courses on PRINCE2 and Agile project management in technology. Chris is a qualified business coach and also serves as mentor to start up businesses and young entrepreneurs.

    Over the last 25 years Chris has worked with many of the worlds mobile networks, handset manufacturers, retailers, e-commerce, banking and insurance organisations, taking on roles of COO, Operations Director and IT Director to bring outstanding financial and operational results.

  • Dave Forte

    Phone: (855) 23 997 492

    Dave is working for Spirax Sarco whose reputation is built on a century of experience and a global presence with more than 1,100 dedicated industry engineers in over 100 countries.They are committed to helping customers improve their plant performance, comply with legislation, meet environmental goals and stay ahead of their competitors.From designing, installing and commissioning new facilities, optimising and upgrading existing steam systems, to maintaining plant performance through scheduled maintenance, they have got the expertise, resources, products and services to help you achieve profitable growth.
  • Dee Morrison

    Phone: +855 (0) 23 993 082

    Dee Morrison is a General Manager of 2TEN Sourcing, an independent, third-party sourcing and supply chain services company based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

    Established in 2013, the company provides sourcing, supply chain management and inspection services to businesses throughout the world that wish to source and manufacture their products in Cambodia.

     2TEN Sourcing is specialized in the garment & apparel industry. We have extensive local knowledge and network of factories and contacts. 

  • Gavin Scott

    Phone: (855) 12 898 981

    Dr. Gavin Scott is a British doctor practicising medicine in Phnom Penh Cambodia since 1992. He specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases travellers are likely to encounter in a tropical country, from dengue to dermatitis. 

    For more information please visit website

  • Gerald Trevor

    Phone: (855) 12 800 960

    Gerald Trevor is a Chairman of Who Will organisation which is local registered NGO in Cambodia. Who Will is dedicated to the care of disadvantaged and orphaned children and poor Cambodian communities. It has no religious affiliations and is committed to the care of children regardless of religion, race, or creed.

    Who Will is non-discriminatory and children who are HIV Positive are considered equally with other children not carrying that virus with the final decision being taken purely on the degree of need perceived by the management of the NGO having first investigated the child’s and his/her family circumstances.

    Who Will is extremely proud  to be one of the very few organisations that operates with a ZERO administration cost. All board members donate their time and pay their own expenses. This meant that 100% of all donated money goes directly to the children’s welfare.

  • Jan Taylor

    Phone: (855) 89 718 628

    Independent communications and research specialist. Assignments include writing, editing, academic and market research, and project evaluation.   Training covering many aspects of communications and PR. Teaching and lecturing covering the theory and practice of journalism, PR and the media, and international communications.

  • Katie Scheding Longhurst


    Katie Scheding Longhurst is one of the founders of MangoTango Asia which helps companies in Southeast Asia grow sales and customers – both locally and internationally – by applying marketing, media, and creative strategy and execution.

    Founded in 2014, the company brings its energy to the markets of Southeast Asia, with a specific focus on Cambodia. We apply our extensive experience in communications and technology to regional development projects as well as commercial initiatives.

  • Khak Chhong Ong

    Phone: (44) 78 999 27 366

  • Owen R Holmes

    Phone: (855) 23 855 703

    Owen is part of BACTEC which is an international Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Landmine Clearance Company, providing risk mitigation services Established in 1991, BACTEC support construction projects and worldwide explosive ordnance clearance initiatives on and off shore.

  • Salah A Essa

    Phone: (855) 23 210 761

    Salah A Essa works for Management Venture Asia which is a business consultancy group based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We facilitate business ventures, taking products to market and market research all throughout Asia. We care about empowering business owners with insight and knowledge, sustainable development and building long lasting partnerships.

    Sometimes we act as a coach helping a business get traction and sometimes we are the matchmaker finding the right distributors, partners or investors. We work throughout many industries in Asian and abroad maintaining a vast network of contacts.

  • Stephanie Letessier

    Phone: (44) 79 56 442 162

    Experienced in the fields of enterprise risk management, external and internal audit, corporate finance, financial fraud prevention and investigation, anti-money laundering policies and procedures, compliance and business ethics, Stephanie has set up in March 2015 her consultancy in London, United Kingdom, SL Global Risks Consulting, to help companies settled in the developing world and high risk areas, on these topics. She works between Europe, South East Asia, Africa and Haiti, with a strong involvement for Cambodia where she lived in 2014 and is still developing her activities there.She is also involved in capacity development initiatives for young girls and women entrepreneurs for both Cambodia and Myanmar.

    French by origin, Stephanie is used to evolve and work in multicultural environments.Main areas covered : Europe, South East Asia, Africa and Haiti. Main sectors : Charities and not for profit, Education, Banks and Microfinance Institutions, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Technology, Construction, Agriculture and Forestry.

    Areas of Expertise and Consulting Services - Strategic Decision-Making and Enterprise Risk Management ( Performing ‘Enterprise Risk Management’ risk Assessment and Advising organisations about their strategic decision and ethical-decision making)

    Financial Fraud Investigation and Prevention/Anti-Money Laundering Policies and Procedures - Performing detailed risk assessments and program evaluations to create and develop appropriate anti-fraud and anti-money laundering compliance programs and Participating to internal investigations relating to corruption, accounting fraud or other frauds.

    Internal Audit and Internal Control/Corporate finance - Reviewing Internal Control Processes : Financial control/Budgeting and Financial Analysis.

    Compliance and Ethics :Designing codes of ethics and general compliance programs and Involved in matters concerning corporate governance, corporate security and resilience

    Capacity Development :Providing capacity building trainings in Fraud Risk Management, Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance and Ethics,  Enterprise Risk Management, Leadership and Effective Management, Change and Crisis Management.

  • Stephen Esplin

    Phone: (855) 85 402 800

    Stephen Esplin works for Premier Asset Development Services (PADS). PADS believes that in Business to Business solutions should address the full range of requirements for clients on all sides of the relationship.

    PADS provides an established network in Asia for the distribution of investment and insurance products. It also proves expert advice to IFA's and other Asian distributors looking to improve their business offerings and production.

  • Thierry de Roland Peel

    Phone: (855) 12 800 951

  • Trevor Sworn

    Phone: (855) 12 85 85 50