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Breakfast Briefing event with Chloe Taylor, Acting Head of the British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar.

Myanmar has opened up after 50 years of isolation and military rule, presenting opportunities across a wide range of sectors, including oil and gas, power generation, education and vocational training, professional services, engineering, infrastructure and manufacturing. Democratic elections which took place in November 2015 signals a new political era for the country as well as the desire to welcome foreign investment in driving Myanmar's economy forward. 

Join us and the British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar.


Chloe Taylor, Acting Head of the British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar, will discuss the current market environment, significant opportunities, as well as an update on the rapidly evolving business environment. 

David Totten, Director of Emerging Markets Consulting will discuss the benefits of entering the Myanmar market building on your experience in Cambodia, with a look at similar challenges in both markets, preparing for business development, and how to access the market.

David Totten studied in Germany and the UK, before staring his career in Russian and Central Asia. For the next 10 years he worked in telecom, in Russia, Germany and Greece before returning to the UK to work in software development. David arrived in Cambodia in 2008, and worked as a volunteer project advisor in rural development for 2.5 years before joining Emerging Markets Consulting (EMC). As Director of EMC, David runs the consulting business in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar, comprising of approx. 35 full-time consulting staff working on around 60 projects annually, in economic research, investment and private sector development.

There will be a presentation followed by Q&A and discussion, and networking. 

If you would like to request a one-on-one meeting with Chloe on Friday 3 March following the briefing, please email: